To empower people to develop holistically, so they remove obstacles preventing them from living happy and joyous lives

We often subconsciously put obstacles in our lives due to karmic causes. Because we are not conscious of these causes, when we are faced with difficulties, we blame our family and the people in our lives, and even God. Yet, God gave us free will and the responsibility to live as we wish. Thus, we are the ones who created the path we now do not like. At our Center, we help you become aware of the choices you made, bring out your inner magnificence and remove the obstacles you put in your path, or even create a new path that may at first seem more difficult yet would enable you to lead a happy and joyous life.


To raise consciousness by blending the ancient teachings of Anatolia with the wisdom of other traditions often not accessible due to language or distance barriers

Many people who want to heal and develop themselves are only able to benefit from Turkish sources and teachings due to language barriers. Similarly, many specialists in other countries are unable to benefit from Sufi and Shamanic teachings of our lands because they do not speak Turkish. Moreover, even if they speak the same language, they have difficulty comprehending the lessons from each other's traditions due to cultural and perceptional differences. At our Center we enable the two sides to both learn from each other and also to develop together.


To discover alternative healing solutions by synthesizing modern scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom

At the root of health problems lie negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. These negative energies, which trace their roots to fear, are often repressed because we are not aware of our true feelings or thoughts. They then show up as diseases in our body parts to which they are energetically connected. For example, financial concerns lead to lower back pain, fear of death causes problems in the kidneys, and anger leads to liver ailments. We are the ones who, due to karmic reasons, damage and prevent the healing of our body, which is created to function perfectly. When we realize our own truth and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones, we live on the basis of love, rather than fear, and our cells start healing. Thus, just as we once caused ourselves to get unhealthy, we can also heal ourselves by combining karmic awareness and modern science.

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